• During The Crucible, we listened to a puritan sermon called "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", In my notes:, I noticed that the sermon was based on how the actions of each individual in the church would be punished by an angry god for all eternity if they did not do exactly what the speaker said. This relates to my personal philosophy because if these listeners were not so afraid of God's wrath, they might not be as easily controlled by the church.

  • When discussing the article "Unnatural Killers", the topic of knowing the unknown came up. That is to say, we discussed human's unstoppable desire to explain everything. We said that this leads to blame and lies. I think this has to do with various perceptions of death, since we cannot know the real experience after death, we guess at the possible outcomes to comfort ourselves, when we will really never know.
  • In our discussion of The Village, we explored the idea of escaping death. The citizens who fled and created the village were trying to get away from the suffering they had gone through because of the deaths of those they loved. They felt that if they escaped modern society, they could escape death. In the end, they found that death is a part of life, and once they accepted that, they found a happy equilibrium.
  • In class, we looked at psychoanalysis as a form of literary criticism. Since psychoanalysis deals with humans' instincts, my personal philosophy can be looked at through this lense, that it is human nature to attempt to conquer death.
  • We did an activity linking songs to the culture of our generation. The song I chose was "Sodom, South Georgia" by Iron and Wine
    I think this song relates to my personal philosophy because it focuses on a town that goes through the motions of religion for no apparent reason, missing out on life in the process. The town "woke like a tree full of bees", meaning that this problem tore at the hearts of the people, but nobody could tell.
Sodom, South Georgia (Album) - Iron And Wine - Iron and Wine